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Fragrance Effusion Lamps

Developed in the late 1800’s diffusers were used in the hospitals to clean the air, the best known fragrancer or effusion lampe LAMPE BERGER ( by Maurice Berger) is becoming very popular again. Originally they were designed to dispense scented oils using a heated stone attached to cotton wick. This method is now being used […]

How Do You get rid of Cigar Smoke?

Lampe Berger oils clean smoke odors

Lots of people call the store with a question of how do I get rid of Cigar odors,smells? There is really only one product on the market that really does the job. I mean, it actually eliminates the foul smell and purifies the air. Most people that smoke cigars don’t even have a clue as […]

Mix and Mingle

If you are a fan of Lampe Berger, you probably already have a favorite fragrance. Whether it’s best selling Ocean Breeze or nearly as popular New Orleans, most Lampe Berger fans have a mini arsenal at their disposal. But have you ever thought of mixing fragrances? We, at La Petite Maison, love to try our […]