Inspiration Time!

If you’re on our site, home decor, interior style and personal flair probably mean a lot to you. But, from where do you draw your inspiration? While you could travel the world peeking in and out of fabulous boutiques, hotels and restaurants (wouldn’t that be nice!?), most people need a less expensive, and, let’s be honest, less time-consuming method. That’s why we, at La Petite Maison, have compiled a list of our favorite design blogs just for your consumption. Log on to these lovely url’s and get inspired! Then, head back to La Petite and shop shop shop!

1. Design Sponge —this blog updates many times daily for a constant stream of ideas.

2. Apartment Therapy —This super interactive site lets readers upload room makeovers to satiate your desire to indulge in before and afters.

3. Ikea Hacker —this site takes cookie cutter Ikea furniture and revamps it. Cheap to chic in just a few steps.

4. Design Spotter —this site seeks out young designers with fresh ideas. You may very well see the next trend here, first.

5. 2modern Design Talk —this blog is an ongoing conversation abut design, style and interiors. We love it!