Lampe Berger ; Fact or Myth

p>Many Years ago I was a smoker. Not anymore. One Day was looking thru my mail and there was a post card that said eliminates Cigarette odors. My ears immediately perked up. Is there really a product that can truly eliminate the foul odor of cigarettes.? After experimenting, I realized this was the real deal.

Not one of those about the amazing Whamo towels or such.

This product actually did what it was suppose to, eliminate odors. It took out food odors, pet odors,Cigarette odors, the fire place during damp weather .

It accomplishes all this thru a patented process called Air Pur system 3C. It improves you indoor air quality.

It was designed in 1898 to control ghe bacterial proliferation in hospitals, It has been continuously improved and refined. N0w it has become State of the Art technology for cleaning the Air and diffusing perfume.

Once you burn the Lampe Berger, there is nothing to compare, the fragrance actually stays in the air for about 4to6 hours.HERITAGE ROUGE1